We believe that in Data Science a constantly professional approach is crucial. Having a work method is fundamental; being precise and accurate produces valid, appreciable and efficient results, which in turn generate new orders.


We are convinced of being able to compete in the Italian market and we aim to operate also on an international scale. We are satisfied with what we have achieved so far, but we are certain that we can do more. We are a diversified team, composed of people with different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities and, obviously, also of different genders. We have and don’t have children. This diversity helps us in our goals because it allows us to limit bias, and have more ideas and solutions.


The world of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is evolving every day; for this reason, we have to continuously update to remain competitive. Working methods and innovation also evolve every day, making it necessary to understand what methodologies would make the company perform better. For this reason, we read continuously (technical and business journals), attend courses and take part in conferences.


We love contamination between different areas. Psychology and philosophy mingle with mathematical rigour and complex physical models. Art in its various forms inspires our communication and our way of presenting ourselves. In our opinion, a diversity of disciplines enriches the approach to Data Science.


Having constructive relations with our stakeholders is strategic for us. Our families, life partners and friends have been and are still today our main investors and supporters. Clients and suppliers, as per literary theory, but also in practice, co-operate in our success and are committed to Data Science together with us. We build sustainable relations through our personal and professional contacts. We drive methane cars and we have drinkable water dispensers in the office. We offer research to young medical researchers. Because
sustainability for us is a holistic concept.


It’s not easy in Italy to propose real innovation and Data Science for effective data-driven management. Our projects are often very challenging, and this is good because we like challenges. We particularly like constantly meeting and overcoming them, with the tenacity to also tackle challenges that we are able to overcome, so as to always learn something new.


We believe that respect is the starting point for constructing effective work teams. True cooperation is only possible with respect for the experiences, skills and point of view of others.


Founding a Data Science company in 2014 seemed a crazy idea. We prefer to call ourselves audacious, because we are still taking the company forward today, accepting projects that many others refuse, putting ourselves forward for international events and daring to propose our approach to Italian companies.


Exchange means suspending judgement about yourself and your interlocutor, listening to another point of view and creating a dialogue.
Through dialogues we discover approaches that our outside our emotive and cognitive experience, training neurons to adaptation, discovering weaknesses in an idea in order to be able to improve it(or bin it, if necessary). Through dialogue we discover the strengths of our solutions, so that we can be more convincing when we explainthem to clients.
Exchange through dialogue underpins every project that we work on, but it’s also an important element of the lunch break. It allows us to get to know each other better, sharing personal questions and talking about the general situation in our home countries, as well as our daily experiences.


We believe that listening is a fundamental aspect of our work. Listening to ourselves and being aware of our own wellbeing is crucial for being able to hear others properly (colleagues, clients, suppliers). For us, wellbeing should permeate the company, and so we encourage listening every day. Listening to others must be open, without competing in a sterile way, but with the aim of hearing another point of view and learning something new, in order to discover who our client, colleague and supplier are, what they desire, what they need, and how we can be of help and support.