sostenibilità Hopenly

In Hopenly sustainability is a concrete concept. We believe in the need for action to promote both environmental and social sustainability and we believe that our choices and our actions can contribute – in their own small way – to fostering awareness and creating a better world.

It’s very important for us that all the people in the company understand our values and contribute to achieving wellbeing through their behaviour and new ideas of sustainability.

Our commitment is tangible every day and is made up of daily choices and gestures.

Here are some of our initiatives:

For a greener world:

  • We’ve chosen to locate our offices near railway stations, in order to be reachable by public transport, and in cities where we live and work, without forcing our employees to commute long distances.
  • We prefer simple furnishings, even recycled sometimes. Thanks to Overseas, we are able to give new life to tables, chairs and small objects that we use every day in the office.
  • Our company cars are powered by methane, to reduce smog and polluting emissions.
  • We analyse data; for this reason, we need machines with high computational capacities. We’ve chosen to only use servers in Amazon Cloud Drive, which undertakes to manage its activities in the most ecological way possible.
  • Every employee has their own laptop, useful for energy saving, but also for working at home, to reduce the pollution produced by their cars when commuting.
  • We don’t use mono-use plastic. In Hopenly we have free water distributors, so that everyone can fill their own cup or water bottle. In 2019 this allowed us to avoid the consumption of over 3,000 500 ml plastic bottles.
  • We use ceramic plates and cups, which we wash in turn.
  • We only use 100% biodegradable compostable capsules for coffee.
  • To avoid waste and to safeguard the environment, we make sure to sort our rubbish into plastic, paper, organic, glass and non-recyclable.
  • We believe that not wasting paper is a really simple gesture for everybody. Our small contribution is to reuse sheets of printed paper and we give them to infant schools for the smallest children to draw on and colour.

For a better society

  • In Hopenly we have balanced remuneration between males and females in similar positions. We intend to increase the number of female Data Engineers and Data Scientists in our team, currently 40%, and we are members of associations for the enhancement of female talents such as EWMD, Ragazze Digitali and Donne Digitali.
  • We believe in culture: Barbara, the founder of Hopenly, has for some years been involved in the Fondazione di Vignola to promote socially useful projects such as the restoration of a deconsecrated church for music activities in the community.
  • We believe that innovation is the fruit of the ideas of people of different culture, gender, age, background and sexual and religious orientation. We are a heterogeneous team, coming from Italy, Poland, Africa and India. 64% of Hopenly staff is aged 20-29, 9% 30-39, 18% 40-49 and 9% over 50.
  • We adopt policies aimed at the wellbeing of the people that choose to work with us every day: flexible hours, in order to be able to dedicate time to sport/children/parents that need assistance; a kitchen in the office for cooking or warming up food brought from home and training courses organised according to the needs and career objectives of each single person.