@datapeople is Hopenly’s project for promoting a widespread and applicative culture around data and Artificial Intelligence.
First and foremost, @datapeople seeks to promote an open approach towards data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. We believe that this approach is the true foundation of innovation, because it focuses not so much on exploring a catalogue of possible applications of Data Science and A.I., insomuch as using Data Science and A.I. to find new solutions to existing problems.

Find out how Data Science and AI can help your company

Programme for company managers (HR and not only), to explore the open approach to data. The inclusive courses are effectively pathways to innovation, making it possible to direct the company in the right way towards using data to resolve day-to-day problems in a new and more efficient way.

Train a Data Science team for your company

Programme for companies, aimed at teams or single employees, allowing for the development of the skills of existing team technicians and for supporting analysts in the transition towards Data Science. The variety of courses available also makes it possible to train a Data Science team from scratch; thanks to the cooperation of @datapeople you will be able to select the most appropriate resources and construct an updating programme customised to their needs.

Build a career with Data Science

Programme for technicians and non-technicians, from the basics at beginners’ level to necessary specialisations. The courses included are conceived also for those without technical knowledge and aim at training people to become skilled in Data Science, able to apply the notions learned both in a professional and in a civil context.



Even before teaching notions and concepts, our courses train students an open approach to data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Within work groups, students are encouraged to bring problems and questions regarding daily application and to consider how Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can help to resolve them. In this way we are able to train not only data technicians, but also managers, professionals and citizens that interact with Data Science teams.


Live, personal training in the classroom, with a group of other students and trainers always present, allows us to create opportunities for ‘on the job’ learning and to offer students laboratory experience, tackling projects and real cases on which to exchange ideas immediately. The learning experience in the field that we manage to simulate offers our students a unique opportunity to apply the skills acquired for solving real and concrete problems.


The experience gained over a number of years in the creation of Data Science teams with a high level of diversity allows us to manage heterogenic class groups, making the variety of skills and backgrounds a learning value. Our teachers come from various disciplines and bring to the learning experience a variety of approaches and viewpoints; this multiplicity, combined with the possibility of working on real projects, allows students to acquire cross-disciplinary skills, fundamental for their working life.