Some of our projects

The potential applications of Data Analysis, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are consistently growing, and they provide an opportunity for companies to improve their business and their revenue. Our ability to develop strategies and to trial new applications for our solutions have allowed us to implement a number of success stories with many Companies in as many areas.

If you are curious about a specific area or application, please browse the list of Case Studies we can currently share publicly and find out what Hopenly can do for you.


Over the years we’ve always had Insurance companies among our clients, and we have led training courses for financial promoters in a variety of areas. Furthermore, we’ve worked with Information systems at Insurance companies, designing Data Warehouses, and implementing system integration projects, and we’ve provided support to management, creating dashboards and institutional reports. We’re now ready to cope with the substantial changes on the way in the world of insurance, in the collection and analysis of an increasing amount of data and information, using Analytics to process historical data, using an Investment Data Management approach.



Our professional experiences include Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects carried out for important banking groups. Our specific business knowledge allowed us to trial test the Analytics application in different areas (among which prevention of non-performing loans, selling of shares, customer behaviour, multi-channel banking) but we have more ideas in the pipeline to enhance relations between SMEs and banks, and to boost customer retention by listening carefully to them and getting to know them better.



Managing a food products company is particularly complicated for a variety of reasons, among which the perishable nature of many foods, the management of expiration dates (particularly with fresh food), the purchasing of raw materials, production and distribution. This is why it’s particularly critical for food companies to be attentive and agile, and Advanced Analytics can be of great help. Our models give you support in making sales forecasts, in production and distribution processes, helping you to compete successfully.



The fashion industry has begun to ride the wave of digitalization, and many brands are already using Artificial Intelligence to improve business results. Customers that today buy from online sites, apps, and points of sale are providing a wealth of data that can be used to predict trends and reduce the gap between what is produced and what is sold. Instead of collecting the information manually, AI platforms collect, organize, and order data into appropriate categories to understand and predict what the customers are looking for.



The world of human resources is experiencing a period marked by stark contradictions, in which unemployment has reached worrying levels, yet recruitment searches are unable to fill many vacant positions, especially in the digital field. Analytics can identify behaviours necessary to prepare for training to acquire professional skills in this field, so they can be used to suggest which candidate to hire and which training courses to design. Furthermore, Analytics can identify the candidate most suitable for a specific role, and they can identify incentive systems of equivalent value, but more closely customized.