One team, many stories.

Our approach to problem resolution is more effective when deployed by a cohesive group, with different points of view and experiences. Since 2014 our team has been constantly evolving and its success is the result of constant experimentation. Psychologists help us to understand behavior and decision-making processes, IT specialists are able to select the best technologies based on objectives, while analytics specialists, who offer a scientific approach with high levels of synthesis and abstraction, are able to find practical solutions to daily problems.
We’re always on the lookout for people to complete the skills, training, experiences and philosophies already present within our team. We embrace differences in an atmosphere of sharing, and celebrate our successes as a team. We bring out individual talents and have lots and lots of fun!


Barbara Vecchi CEO psychologist
Roberto Grassi CDO physicist

Ausilia, Chief Data Scientist

Tony Wilson



If you’re anxious to learn,
curious and not easily discouraged,
we want you.

We believe in innovation and on how the life of people can be improved through technological evolution. Our business project is underlined by the following values: trust in the future, curiosity about our surroundings, respect for ourselves and others, determination, commitment and seriousness.
From the onset, Hopenly was designed to be a stimulating workplace for brilliant people.
Here’s how:

Never stop learning.

We work for customers that range from small to large companies, from finance to retail, insurance to healthcare, providing services that go from creating visuals, to extracting and processing data. To keep the pace, we need to constantly improve our skills, keep on learning quickly and with humility and teach the knowledge to others.

Equality in diversity.

We will consider you as our equal and you will have the opportunity to configure and forge the future of the company and our projects whether by taking on a role that aims to improve Hopenly or working for one of our customers.
We are a company that is founded on diversity of skills, personalities and interests.

Meet your colleagues: we count on debate and sharing.

We know that together we can achieve more than we can individually, and this is how we have carefully constructed our team over time. You will be a member of a diverse team comprised of scientists, engineers, programmers and thinkers from every part of the world and you will rely on dialogue, making your own personal contribution.

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